The biggest conundrum for early stage start-ups is the constant tussle between resource constraints and the desire to build an exceptional product that gets funding. In this scenario, letting your target audience help you build the product of their dreams could really benefit.

If you are an early stage start-up or are at the brink of kickstarting your business, read on.

To begin with, let’s assess the constraints that your start-up may be facing:

Less Time

You have tight deadlines to ship your product.

Less money

At early stages, you have a limited budget and are constantly looking for investments.

Limited human resources

Since you are building your team from scratch, you are still in the midst of hiring the right people. You and your partners most probably are multi-tasking across various functionalities of your business. …

In start-ups and corporates running on steroids, ‘user research’ is often put in the pile of ‘things to do later’. This happens even in companies which believe themselves to be design-led and user experience oriented. Some compute the activity to be so heavy duty, they assume they will need an R & D department to take care of it. Some others believe that A/B testing after product development will take care of user feedback. Misconceptions regarding user research are deep-rooted and must have their base in some serious reasoning from past experiences. Though in today’s time, with both design and development taking the agile track, there are ways for user research to smartly fit-in too. …

A peek into our most guarded secrets

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As we continue to grow and expand, we add thousands of new customers to our journey everyday. Being THE platform since a decade, connecting millions of Indians to India’s favourite pass time i.e. movies, has led to our own path of discovery into the minds of Indian movie-goers. With every movie that has seen the light of the day, we have gotten new insights into our customers’ likes, dislikes and their passionate connection with the silver screen.

Use of plain numbers and analytics is a prerequisite for understanding major bumps and dips but we have never considered it as a reliable source to understand people’s complex emotional associations with the world of cinema. …

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Part 1: Hosting guests

When we talk about user experience designers, we tend to refer to specialists who through training or experience develop a knack of identifying users’ innate wants and needs. There is no denying that UX designers trained in the field can indeed notice issues invisible to other parties and propose relevant solutions. Though I contest that designing experiences, while keeping users in mind, is a life skill available to all of us. In fact, we use it in our everyday lives more often than we believe we do!

In this series I would explore some common day to day scenarios where we extensively use UX principles without calling them so. To be honest, any number of scenarios covered would still be random pickings from a pile of equally valid hundred others. …


Sonal Malhotra

Artist/ UX research manager at Grab

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